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Our product line is divided into 3 categories based on the application desired – indoor, outdoor, and rental staging products.
Indoor LED products include ECO Series, Flexible Modules, Interactive, LED Banner, Transparent LED, and Floor LED.
Outdoor LED products include outdoor Cabinet, Advertising, Transparent LED, and Curtain LED.
Rental LED products include Outdoor Cabinet, Advertising, Transparent LED, and Curtain LED.
We follow a solutions-based approach for the desired needs of the customer and thus, we offer the following solutions:
Shop Signage LED Solutions – to help your customers engage visually with attractive displays about your stores and shops.
Street Advertising LED Solutions – which acts as a powerful and eye-catching advertisement tool for intersections on busy roads as well as freeway exits
School – to introduce a modern and interactive platform for communication between teachers, students, and the community.

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S.A.M is a leading LED company, creates high-quality indoor and outdoor LED displays, along with rental/staging products. Their solutions-oriented approach offers tailor-made LED solutions for various applications, including shop signage, street advertising, meeting rooms, concerts, and schools. Their commitment to innovation drives the development of unique and imaginative visual projects, earning them international recognition and multiple awards.

Outdoor net LED displays combine cutting-edge LED technology with a unique net structure, ensuring exceptional visuals without obstructing the surrounding environment. 

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