Indoor Highlight Solutions

SAM indoor fixed displays are suitable for use in bars, meeting rooms, etc. SAM indoor fixed displays offer excellent clarity and contrast, and are easy to install and maintain.


LED displays are now installed at airport baggage claim to inform passengers of the status of their baggage claim. The FS Series is the preferred solution.

Indoor display

There are many occasions indoors where LED screens are commonly used to show audio, video and other content relevant to the area.


Large shopping malls install LED displays on their shelves to inform customers about products. The FS is the preferred solution.

metro station

Many metro stations now use LED displays to show advertisements etc. It gives passengers a sense of modern technology in the metro station.


Bars are often fitted with LED displays to set the mood. FS is the preferred solution.

Night Club Ballroom

Night clubs and dance halls usually organize various performances, and display screens are often configured to display relevant content on site.

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