Outdoor Highlight

There are many applications for outdoor displays, such as roadside billboards, facades of tall buildings, etc. SAM outdoor displays have the advantage of being colourful and safe.

Outdoor advertising

In urban CBD and other places, various large advertising screens can often be seen, and their visual effects are extremely impressive.

Outdoor Cinema

Compared to traditional indoor cinemas, outdoor cinemas have a more free form, allowing viewers to enjoy outdoor scenery and air.


Placing advertising screens beside various highways is a good means of publicity, which requires very good screen effects to leave a profound impact on passing drivers.


high-end hotels usually configure high-end screens to display hotel logos, services, and other information, which can more attract customers' attention.

Bus stop

Compared to traditional sticker traffic messages, LED electronic screens broadcasting bus stops and trips are more vivid than it is.

City centre building

Compared to traditional advertising messages, LED electronic screens play content such as music or video more vividly than it does.

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