RENTAL Seriese

Rental Solutions

SAM'S LED rental displays can be used in a wide range of scenarios, for music festivals, product launches etc. Whatever you want, SWAT AL MASAH can customise it for you.

Fashion show

Fashion shows usually require rental LED displays to set the theme of the show, so that people can be more visually stunning.


Many parties will use LED displays to assist performances.R5 Plus is the perfect choice for this type of solution.

School Hall

University auditorium usually needs an LED display screen as the background for announcing and playing some important contents R5 Plus is the perfect choice for this

Music festival

Festival organisers are now using LED displays to support their performances, and the R5 Plus is the perfect solution for this.

Band Live

Many bands play live and LED displays can aid the performance to go perfectly. The R5 Series screens are the preferred choice for this solution


At present, many exhibitions will choose LED display screen as the background. R5 series screen has clear contrast and fast installation speed, which is the choice of this solution.

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