Vehicle Highlight Solution

Car screens require high temperature resistance, long life, etc. These properties are fully met by Enbon displays. And they can be placed in all directions and in many situations.

Customised Screens

If you want an action-packed advertisement, then a car screen must be your best choice. It can withstand all extremes of weather, it also has high definition picture quality and can be customised to the size you want.

Advertising truck

Vehicle mounted LED displays capture your audience's attention and pique their interest with engaging video content.Using in-vehicle screens on the roofs of taxi taxis at exhibitions not only allows you to place adverts, but also to broadcast timely information.

Vehicle screen

LED displays capture the viewer's attention and spark interest through engaging video content. Interact with viewers and show product details so they can experience the world of your brand first hand.

Outdoor Advertising

Whether it's a peak commute or leisure time, Enbon in-car screens are always with you. We can push your business in front of tens of thousands of potential customers, multiplying your brand exposure many times over.

Vehicle LEDs

No more blindly placing adverts, our technology helps you with precise targeting based on location, time and audience characteristics. Let your advert be presented to the most suitable people at the most suitable time.

SAM vehicle screen

As your vehicle travels, your advertising is constantly on the move, reaching everywhere. Make every drive a visual feast for potential customers, bringing a constant stream of attention and opportunities for your business.

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