X-Shape Flexible Series

The X-shaped flexible range of 3D LED screens, transparent screens and advertising machines have a large range of personal customisation and are visually appealing.

G Model

Specifications and other details of SAM's G Model HD transparent led display | Enbon LED Display Manufacturer

Transparent screen, bright, colorful ultra-high refresh rate, Symphony, attracting attention; The transparent screen can be installed indoors due to its transparency. The skeleton is all movable lock, easy to install and operate, no need to remove the mod

X Model

SAM's X Model soft LED displays support customization as well as other detailed product information| Enbon LED Display Manufacturer

SAM soft flexible modules make all type shape screen Can support any creative design indoor and outdoor Easy for installation and assembling, front magnetic Enbon flexible module, have240*120mmand320*160mmsize Mask made of silicone, flat and transparent

COB Model

Specifications and product details of Enbon COB Model wall-mounted and vertical fixed HD full-color LED displays| SAM LED Display Manufacturer

Waterproof, dustproof Anti-collision, anti-static Multiscreens wireless mirroring Support Wifi writing and comment Based on the Android Cellphone and tablet Can be connected to the mouse, keyboard Camera, Loudspeaker and laser pointer Bigger than bigger,

Poster Model

SAM'S Poster series convenience and control system HD full colour LED display.|Enbon LED Display Manufacture

SAM'S Poster series convenience and control system HD full colour LED display.|SAMS LED Display Manufacture

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